My daughter is 10-months old and has begun walking. She doesn’t have the common decency take herself into a toilet before it is too late and cannot feed herself. Her vocabulary is restricted primarily to randomly shouting “da!”and saying “ahhh” whenever she sees me with a glass of water. She does, nevertheless, always remind me about one of the most significant advertising tricks I can think of: keep it simple. !

Being a real stay at home mother means I get to spend tons of time with no time and my daughter in an corporate office. This is wonderful and I’m lucky in order to try it, but it does restrict my interaction with adults. You can head down the hall for a promotion trick, while your cubicle is most likely not your favourite spot. If you don’t count walking down the road to the post office “around the corner,” working from home makes having a real discussion hard. !

But just like everything else in life, you take what you do with it and have! She’s, actually, fairly intelligent, although I joked about my daughter’s small vocabulary. She understands what she wants and knows the best way to get it. I took a quick second to contemplate the scenario as we played in the living room the other day. On one side was an elaborate, air-blowing, music machine that took a ball that shot it right up in the air and rolled down a ramp. On the other side, a set of stackable plastic cups. My daughter was focused on the cups. She cannot get enough of the cups. !

She, needless to say, will play with the ball shooter also, but her true passion is the cups. This got me thinking… while it may not be a perfect comparison, a parallel can definitely be drawn between my daughter’s playing customs and the way to pull and convert leads. !

The ball shooter was complex. To get results you first had to hit the “go” button… then the ball had to roll down the ramp… afterward through the shoot… then it was eventually shot up the tube. That’s lots of work when all you need to do is play with a ball. The cups are not complex. You see them, hold them, and you understand what they’re about. When someone locates your capture page or sees your webpage, they do not need to have to hit a button and wait for the ball to come flying out. They would like to point, click and understand what’s happening.

Whenever I’m focused on my next marketing plan, these four letters play again and again in my head… K-I-S-S… K-I-S-S. Keep It Simple Stupid! I find it simple to add so many bells and whistles that I lose track of what’s happening. When I was first beginning, I formulated a capture page covered with pictures and many text. So much so, that you had to strive to determine what to do. No one needs to see that!

In order to begin someone on the path to a purchase, you should do two things:

1. Fast convince them that they would like to understand more

2. Allow it to be simple to learn more

Without the first, you lost them before they got started. Without the second, they leave your website, get annoyed, and head back to Google to learn more from someone who’ll make things simpler. It’s your sale so don’t pass up on it to make!

As I talked about this with my daughter, she looked at me, shouted “Da!” and pulled herself up on the sofa. She’s helping her mother triumph with everything she does, although she may be too young to understand it or understand it!

Success with your online business can come from all ways which is crucial that you keep ears and your eyes open or you might pass up on the next huge thing. To my surprise my young daughter has helped me succeed.


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