Team building is a concept that people love to hate. Most of the time, it involves getting people who spend all day, every work day, with a group of people to spend even more of their own personal time with those same people. This, alone, can be a stumbling block to successful team building results. These activities range between extremes of commitment, from simple office games done during the work day to outdoor activities. These activities may require a weekend retreat or holiday, or may even be done during the workday. In this case, the participants simply show up at the venue rather than going to work that day. Usually, this is a bit more successful, because the employees are not having to sacrifice their own personal time for the sake of the business. Some of these activities can be quite fun.



What’s SUP? Actually, besides a bad joke, SUP is Stand Up Paddleboarding. SUP Cornwall is one of the more popular activities for many people on holiday, and is proving to be a much requested class for team building.

SUP is a physical activity that can be successful for people regardless of their physical ability or stamina. Getting out in the fresh air is good for mental stimulation and attitude, and when you add an achievable physical goal to the activity, it builds self-esteem.

This is why SUP is so good for tea building. True, it is an individual activity, but each individual can achieve the goal at his or her own rate, and have the sense of accomplishment that builds confidence. People also learn about some of their own weaknesses, reinforcing the concept that no one is perfect.



The cost of a teambuilding experience varies depending on the number of people that will be participating and the length of your stay. If you book your experience during the work week, the cost is usually lower than during the peak weekend slots. In addition, you will be more likely to have larger expanses of beach available to just your team.

If you plan for a multi-day experience, you can expect, of course, for the expense to increase. You’ll be paying for lodging and meals as well as the SUP training and equipment. However, you may be lucky enough to live close enough to the coast to book a multi day activity and return home every evening.

Great Surroundings

The Cornish coast is a beautiful area, and the fresh salty air can make a world of stress seem to melt away. Sometimes, just getting out of the city is enough to renew employee’s perspectives on life. A little sand in the shoes is good medicine, and paddling across the water on a paddleboard can be one of the most exciting experiences a person has.

Exploring inlets, coves, and beaches while on a paddleboard is a great activity, whether you do it as an individual or as a group. Book your SUP team building event today.

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