Any business these days need a strong online presence to be competitive. People of all ages shop using their iPhones or androids, and they’re doing it in increasing numbers. Two year ago, 60% of all shoppers had a handheld device, and 80% of those people made their purchases the same day they did their shopping. Most shoppers expect to find you on the internet, and don’t have confidence in you or your business if they can’t even find a website. However, the internet, while it is one of the best ways to market your business, is not the only way. Here are some great ways to build up your dresser business using both traditional methods and the internet.

Brochures and Catalogs


Hardcopy brochures and catalogs are almost a thing of the past, but they are not gone, entirely. The cost of printing can be prohibitive, but if you can have some printed, you can put your product in the hands of potential customers. There is nothing like a professionally done glossy publication to bring full detail to life. This can also be done online. Have a professional photo shoot of your products, and create an online catalog. Use the same material for an email newsletter. For the newsletter, you can break the products down into specials or featured furniture for the month, or week.

In these photos, make sure that significant details of your dressers are spotlighted. For example, dove-tail or finger joints should be featured. Special finishes, drawer slides, and other features that make your product stand out should be drawn to the customer’s attention.



Your customers will be concerned about shipping. Furniture suppliers will want to know that you can provide the amount of stock they need to keep their customers happy. Individual customers, shopping for their own homes, will want to know that their package will arrive in a timely manner, for a good cost.

Your shipper can make or break your business. National franchises are often considered to be more dependable, but be aware of regional problems with any delivery system. You may want to contract with private shippers and pay a little more to get conscientious service.



Use the quality of your product to sell it. A high quality product should be marketed as such. When people are looking for high-end furniture, they know that they will have to pay more. Couples just setting up their first home will often want quality items, if in small quantities or one piece at a time. People setting up a second home or guest facilities will usually want quality furniture, as will those who are progressing in their career.

If your product is a budget item, market it as such. Some people want an inexpensive item to get them through this deployment, or through college, or to carry them through until they get married. So, if your product is made of fiberboard and glue, don’t back away from it – that’s what a lot of people are looking for.

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