The phenomenon of the internet has created an entirely new way to market your business. It is now incredibly easy to sell services and products overseas, and developing brand recognition is relatively inexpensive. Here are some pointers on how to market your business in other countries.



It pays to be aware of the culture of the country to which you are marketing your business. There are, for instance, commercials that are perfectly fine in France, but banned in the United States. In addition, there are many cultural taboos that are not widely known, and even words and phrases have different meanings in various cultural settings.
For example, when Coca Cola started marketing in Mexico, it was not popular. Finally, someone figured out that the word “cola” meant “tail” – and nobody wanted to drink that! Thereafter, it was simply marketed as “Coke”. Do a little research on your own, and read up on cultural differences between your country and the country to which you will market.

Lots of companies have been successful in taking their products or services to other countries. Have a look at IOTA home and garden for instance, they have an Australian company aswell that does a lot of business.

It pays to enlist the services of a translator when you are planning your foreign marketing campaign. Whether you have an interpreter or translator on staff full time or on a consulting basis, you can get valuable information on the appropriateness of your product and service names, advertisement campaigns, or blogs. There are many translation services available – just be sure to get one with real people who speak the language naturally. Automated translation programs are designed to interpret one word at a time, often yielding gibberish as a result. If you try to translate your own correspondence using automated translators, you could end up in “a world of hurt”, as they say in my part of the country.



While the generalization is that the whole world speaks English, the reality of this is that, to build your business, you need to speak the language of your potential clients. This is where it pays off to have your website offered in the language of the area. Hire a professional to translate or to interpret you website and its pages.
Basically, a translator takes what you have said and translates it into the target language. An interpreter will take what you say and translate it, but also interpret any cultural vernacular that might cause concern if strictly translated. A skilled translator is also an interpreter, familiar with the cultural norms to which you are trying to appeal. Have your translator rewrite your website so that you can communicate to your target audience more effectively.

Search Engines

In the United States and Europe, Google and Yahoo are the two most commonly used search engines, followed closely by Bing. As you plan your marketing campaign in a foreign country, find out which search engine is used the most often in that country. Learn its algorithms and how to catch the attention of that particular search engine, and you will have more success.

Basically, marketing your business in other countries simply means that you do some market research and know your potential market.

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