Eighty percent of people who have an iPad, iPhone, or android phone use their device when out shopping. They may be looking for lunch, coupons, or your location. Roughly 60 percent of these people will make a purchase that very day. These statistics are something to keep in mind when you are marketing your clothing website. You can reach more people and wider demographics with savvy use of mobile devices and branding.



Shopping doesn’t make you much money unless the shopper is purchasing, too. They won’t  be shopping with you if they can’t see your store online. This is even harder with handheld devices, because the webpage has to be optimized to resize for smaller screens. Sure, many people shop on their laptop and desktop computers while they are at work, but when you get an 80 percent conversion from handheld devices, its worth updating your website to adapt to those operating systems. Check with your web host to see about updates. This will help conversion rates and increase profits.

Brand Recognition

Optimizing the brands you carry in your clothing store can increase your profits. When it comes to the internet, the word “optimizing” takes on a technical meaning. This is the term used when content is designed to catch the attention of search engines. It usually involves a keyword – the word or phrase the shopper types into the browser. For example, “Sahara Clothing” is an example of brand recognition, optimization, and keywords. If you have known brands in your store, you already have brand recognition in your favor.

One way to optimize brands on your site is through the use of widgets. These little buttons on the page display the brand logo and name. When a potential customer clicks on the button, they get more information on that brand. You can also make money from the brand based on the number of click-throughs, if you have enough traffic on your site. Add these widgets to your social media sites, as well. This increases exposure for your store and spreads the word that you carry name brands.

Use the brand names as keywords in content, too. A blog post about how much you enjoyed your Prada pumps increases the likelihood that search engines will notice your site. Check into Google AdWords, too, because it can get you a lot of visibility on internet searches.

Social Media


Never underestimate the power of social media. You can not only promote your business through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites, but you can gain credibility with search engines, too. The broader your reach in the realm of electronic communications, today’s sophisticated search algorithms note all of this, and use it to determine whether or not you are a serious business or a spammer.

Marketing your clothing website is easier and less expensive than ever. Optimize your brand, and stay active on the internet, and you’ll find that business is booming.

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