Successful internet marketing is a matter of finding your target customers, and helping them to find you. This is done through quite a few tactics that can bring customers to your website and encourage them to make purchases. The key is to identify demographics that will be interested in your product or services, and place your information where they will notice it. In this example, you may want to market your website to enthusiasts of solid oak furniture. Here are some pointers for getting the attention of such people, and for encouraging them to engage with your business.




Keywords are the words that people type into browser search fields to find information or answers to questions. There are a number of excellent, free programs on the internet that will tell you the most popular keywords for your content. For example, “solid oak furniture”, “oak furniture”, “oak tables”, “solid oak dressers”, and “antique solid oak furniture” are all examples of the different ways your important identifying words can be combined. Placing these keywords on your website will enhance your visibility to search engines.


However, keywords are not enough. You need to build links, too, internally and externally. This means you put content on the internet with the keywords in it, linking back to your website. You’ve seen this – you are reading an article on the internet, and there is a word highlighted. If you click on it, it redirects you to a website. When you include links, you gain credibility with the search engines. You can even link pages on your website to other pages on your website, but external links are best. Just be careful not to link your visitors to competitive sites!

Social Media


You would be absolutely amazed at the effectiveness of social marketing. Simply building a Facebook page for your website not only increases brand recognition, it also gains the attention of many additional users if promoted correctly. Even being mentioned on social media gives you additional free advertising. Having active social media accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube give your entire internet presence credibility, and allow people to find and connect with you and your company on many different websites. Of course, you want to make the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Firefox, and Opera, because most shoppers seldom click on page two of search results.

Use Social Media Data Bases

When you have an account with social media sites, you also have access to their tracking data. They record everything about people and businesses that use their sites, and can make it available to you. This is with the permission of the people who use the sites, who click on calls to action, sign up for newsletters, and provide their email addresses.

Each of these suggestions will help you find people who are interested in solid oak furniture. And, they will help them to find you.

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