One of the things that has really changed over the past 20 years, is my thoughts on travelling. At the beginning of my career, I really enjoyed the travelling that came with the job, it was nice to see different places, new sights new sounds, it was all very exciting. As soon as you have been around the country a few hundered times, that magic seems to wear off, and it becomes very much like a chore. There are times where I still find myself unable to sleep in those solid hotel beds, with the clinical feel of the room, but I found the internet here comes in handy.

When you know you’re going to have to travel, plan your route ahead of time, you don’t necessarily need to use a premier inn or a travel lodge, have a look on trip advisor and see what places are close with good reviews. I usually find that with a bit of research, I can find a place with just the right comfort level. It was only the other day when I had to pass through Crowcombe, I’d already pre-selected my venue, A lovely little bed and breakfast, I’d booked in advance because as I’ve just previously told you, I like to plan in advance. When I got to the venue I’d had enough time to realise that I’d made the right choice. This little building was clearly a listed building with history, the windows were all lead lined and it looked just quaint and beautiful.

The staff were very helpful and the bar downstairs (which also served as a pub for the locals) was very cosy, with a nice warm fire roaring. I had a nice pub dinner, and ended up having an early night and departing to my bed. I was greeted with a professional wake up call, and I went down stairs for my breakfast. Breakfast was delicious, I gobbled it all down and went on my way. A delightful experience.

If you compare that experience with your usual travel lodge or premiere inn, where the staff are young and don’t really care about service or being polite, you’ll notice you can have a much more relaxing time in a B&B. You also get a much more homely feeling and a great atmosphere, none of this clinical and plain environment.

So there are advantages to planning ahead, make sure you look into it and don’t make the same mistake as I.

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