Web designers often find that the biggest obstacle to successful web sites is the owners themselves. This is often due to the fact that the owners don’t realize just what the internet can do for their business. Internet marketing is the least expensive, most far-reaching exposure you can find for your company, and for the minimal cost of web hosting, you can promote your brand and expand your customer base. Here are some of the benefits of website marketing.


Conversion is basically the process of changing shoppers into buyers. These days, shoppers do most of their shopping online. And, the majority of this shopping goes on with hand-held devices. This means that not only do you need a website, you need for it to be responsive to smartphones, iPads, iPhones, and other handheld devices. Imagine a group of friends who are out shopping, and decide to have a late lunch. They’re not going to go home and boot up the desktop computer to find a restaurant. They’re going to take their smartphones, type in “Mexican food restaurants near ____ street”, and make their selection there. The list of websites will determine where they eat lunch. If they tap your link, and the website takes forever to download, or they can’t read the menu on one screen, they’ll back out and find another restaurant.
80% of the shoppers who shop using their smartphones will convert within the hour. That’s a good enough reason to market on the internet. Or, you can advertise on TV, reach everybody who doesn’t mute their TV or fast forward through the commercials, and hope that they remember you the next time they’re shopping.


There are still chances to purchase advertisement in newspaper and magazines. You can also print off brochures, and mail out newsletters. However, you’ll actually reach many more people by building up your email list. I’ve seen successful email marketing performed on a constant basis. Code 6 Timber have had  many successful email campaigns. Social marketing encourages people to enter their email addresses on a secure form in exchange for free stuff. Your web designer can help you set up calls to action on your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. In return for signing up, you can offer a free newsletter. This type of advertising is totally free, and reaches far more people than a print ad which costs hundreds of dollars.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is crucial for promoting your website. SEO is accomplished by content. Quality content is that which has proper placement of search terms, to catch the attention of browsers yet keep customers engaged. Well placed articles on the internet will draw in shoppers and improve your rankings with browsers such as Google and Yahoo. This, in turn, moves the link to your website up so that it shows up on the first page, rather than further back. This is success, in the internet world.
Website marketing, when properly done, will propel your business into a larger customer base, more sales, and greater success.

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